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Experimental artist statement

"Graceful Extinction"

To me these two words seems to stand tall pushed against on another before collapsing in their lack of meaningfulness or lack of logical parring.
But Isn't that right somehow? - here where we stand as over-privileged individuals?
Standing still in the midst of a contradictory logic of our time?
Call it the age of the Anthropocene what does it matter if we anyway are just about to lose it all... in a moment of cynical self appearance, mindfulness and sustainable consumerism - Get Rich or Die Tryin, Amazing Grace choose the soundtrack yourself.
Thinking of this dichotomy across times.

Like two heavily loaded ships crashing somewhere out in the Atlantic ocean - One carrying slaves for the harsh Caribbeans sugar fields and another with 1000 tons of cargo returning from the "new world" back to a most pompous arrogant Europe. Fat and
rich build on others misery and death.
Did civilizations before us just die out in vain?

What do we really understand from the dead eyed gaze of the Easter island Moais?
What do we really miss to understand when we finally arrive on the edge of Machu
Picchu after our well earned expensive hick through the lush jungle?
Civilizations gone with the wind though they are expressions of highly advanced technologies just like ours today.
The bacteria, the fungi the rhizomatic symbiosis of it all will stay silent to us for another million years.

Tue Greenfort 2019

Test_lab table setting. Various objects and images relating to on-going investigations and projects.

Photo credits. Tue Greenfort

Text:Lab: Graceful Extinction

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