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First There Is A Mountain 

The exhibition unfolds in Blåvandshuk, where the Wadden Sea borders to the north. 

Fotos: Frida Gregersen, Victor Kofod og Tue Greenfort

First There Is A Mountain is the title of the art exhibition Wadden Tide 2023.

The exhibition opens on August 31 at Blåvandshuk Strand in the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark. 

The theme of this year Wadden Tide is sand. Nine artists explore sand as material, history and resource in sculptures, installations and performances created specifically for the exhibition located in a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site.

The participating artists are Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, Kåre Frang, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Kirstine Roepstorff, Molly Haslund, Rasmus Myrup, Rikke Luther, Spacegirls and Tue Greenfort. 

Everything is perishable.
Everything changes over time.

Mountains and rocks weather and turn into grains of sand. Wind and ocean currents move the sand across oceans. It is stored in extensive landscapes. Places come into being and disappear again. Four times a day, the tide pulls a billion cubic meters of water through the Wadden Sea, moving mud and sand. Denmark's westernmost point, Blåvandshuk, is a place that is created every day. 

The exhibition's title First There is a Mountain draws attention to the fact that everything around us is changing.

Tue Greenfort

Tue Greenfort puts our body and senses into play in a magnificent and ephemeral scenography on Blåvandshuk Beach, where man's relationship with nature, its scale and components are the focal point. The monumental installation is created on site from materials such as sand and seashells from the beach and integrates into the site's natural cycle as part of the local ecosystem. 

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